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Community Programs

    Established in 2004 by the adoption of Ninth Street Elementary School by the LAPD Mounted Platoon, the Mini-Mounties program began by escorting ten students from the skid row school to Knott's Berry Farm.  The criteria was not based solely on citizenship, but other causative factors including financial and transportation deficiencies.

    The goal of this community outreach program is to build a partnership with the public and positively impact these impressionable youth. Since then, Leo Politi Elementary has also been adopted and the initiation of the Equine Academy which allows inner-city youths the opportunity to learn about and ride horses under the direction of police officers.  To date, over two thousand students have been impacted.  As a police officer, one has the power to change people's lives in a negative or positive way.  We choose the latter.

    The program also includes a "Christmas" gathering during Christmas season for 1,005 special needs children, inner city students and their teachers. Last year a total of 3800 gifts where given. This Program was started by Officers Jimmy Barlow and Ronnie Daniels. Officer.  

   Additionally, the Platoon is also involved with the Children of Fallen Officers, whose fathers and/or mothers have given the ultimate sacrifice.  Every year the Officers bring the Children in for home-cooked food, horseback riding and a movie in the arena allowing the Children to forget about their problems for one day.

   These programs are maintained through the generous donations from a the general public and corporations / companies.  If you would like to help with donations for these wonderful programs please contact us at (213) 485 – 5909.

The Officers of the LAPD Mounted Platoon continue to support the community by traveling throughout the City attending public functions.  Whether it be an elementary school or a charity function, the horses help educate and inspire thousands of people a year.

Mini Mounties
Universal Studios Walk
Beauty & the Beast
Mini Mounties
Children of Fallen Officers
Mini Mounties
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Santa delivering presents
Mini Mounties
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Delivering Presents
Mini Mounties
Universal Studios
Community Outreach
Mini Mounties
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